MDG Design Services

MDG   is a full-service design and marketing firm located in Covington, Louisiana, offering services to our clients throughout the Gulf Coast including Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

Guidelines for sending website CONTENT to MDG

  • Contact information.

    Please ensure we have complete contact information for the site such as,

    • Contact Name
    • Organization
    • Complete address
    • Phone and fax numbers, and
    • Email addresses.

    If MDG is creating a contact form for your site, please include a list of fields for the contact form, as well as which fields’ data are required for contact form submission.

  • Send Content Electronically as Unformatted (plain) Text.

    Formatted text can add a lot of unnecessary code when the content is transferred to web pages which can effect “page load” time.  To ensure clear text without additional code, one can use Wordpad, Notepad, or Mac’s Textedit to create plain text files (.txt).  If the preference is to use Microsoft Word, just save the file as a .txt file, and review the file before sending to ensure that paragraph breaks are where you want them and consistent.  (Once the .txt file has been saved, just reopen the file to make sure that the paragraphs are separated properly.)

  • Clearly mark and separate the content for the various web pages.

    It really helps if the content for the different web pages are sent as separate .txt file attachments.  If one has put all of the content in a single document, please ensure each web page is clearly marked with the web page title at the top in caps and that there is sufficient space between pages so that we can clearly see where a page’s content begins and ends.  Many web site pages include multiple sections, so please indicate the different pages versus the various sections on one page.

  • Titles and Headings.

    Please indicate page headings and subheadings (titles/subtitles) clearly.  While graphic titles are visually appealing, text titles have a greater impact when it comes to search engines.

  • Forms and Fields.

    If your website will incorporate submission forms, please provide the email address that will receive the form submissions. Be sure to give us a complete list of the fields (the information you would like to collect) for the form. Let us know if the field is a

    • Fill-in field,
    • Text area or text box,
    • Drop-down list (specify if the user should be able to choose just one item from the drop-down list, or can choose multiple items from the drop-down list),
    • Checkbox  or radio button.

    Also indicate which fields will be required for the form submission.  Example of fields are name, email address, subject, etc.

Have questions about sending MDG content for your website?