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Make your web pages work hard for your business

Often times website pages are customized to highlight specific products or services. Combined with keyword research, content development includes text, as well as a variety of media. All of this works together as an effective marketing tool to increase conversions.

Content Development and SEO Best Practices

We know the importance of content.

When search engines display results, their goal is to deliver the most relevant results so that people continue using their search tools. One of the ways search engines determine if a website should be included in their results is by analyzing the content throughout the website which is why what your website says, and how it says it, is so important, regardless of how big or small the website is.

MDG   offers the most effective content development and SEO services to our clients throughout the Gulf Coast including Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

Content Development | New Orleans | LouisianaFollowing top search engines’ guidelines, we work with our clients to develop quality content, incorporate a variety of media, and employ best practices and trends to improve search engine visibility.

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Quality content is not only informational, but also provides site visitors a clear understanding of what the website is about, what it offers, and how it can help users of the website. Content shouldn’t employ “SEO tricks” to deceive site visitors in an effort to increase ranking. Basically content needs to be clean and clear while communicating to visitors. Your website really needs to show value, how you’re unique, and be engaging.

We want our clients’ website to stand out from their competitors.