MDG SEO Services

There are right and wrong ways to optimize your website.

We use best practices that will do your site the most good and employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that work for our clients.

Effective SEO services and strategies require consistent attention

Serious site optimization requires ongoing attention to maintain higher rankings. SEO is a dynamic game with many players trying to accomplish the same goals for their sites. MDG evaluates our clients’ sites regularly and modify our approach based on the most current trends.

In the US, Google maintains the lead in search engine market share at 63.8%, with Bing/Yahoo at approximately 33.8%.

Where your site ranks on these search engines has everything to do with how you’re focused on an effective and customized search engine optimization strategy.

MDG   offers the most effective services to our clients throughout the Gulf Coast including Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

SEO | New Orleans | LouisianaKEYWORD RESEARCH

The first step in any search marketing plan is to determine what keywords are being used on the internet to find your particular product or service.

MDG keyword research reveals the most effective terms for a particular industry, and based on the research, how we can implement researched terms most efficiently throughout the site.

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Organic or natural listings are the non-sponsored listings that appear in a search engines results. The order of these listings is determined by the search engine’s ranking algorithm. Essentially, search engines will display the most relevant pages first. The key to getting your page a good ranking is by the level of optimization that has been done for the keyword terms the user is searching on.

What is optimization? Well, it’s a series of techniques that a search engine marketer employs both on the pages of your site and potentially on other web sites.

Just remember, when we do natural or organic optimization, it always helps your website.