MDG Answers 10 Commonly Asked SEO Questions

1. How do you work with Google’s SEO Guidelines?

MDG   constantly reviews Google’s SEO Guidelines and implements Google’s recommended best practices in all of our SEO work. In addition to Google’s best practices, we monitor and incorporate Bing’s best practices because our goal is to get your website seen.

2. What are your thoughts on content?

MDG   knows the importance of content. We know that when search engines display results, their goal is to deliver the most relevant results so that people continue using their search tools. One of the ways search engines determine if a website should be included in their results is by analyzing the content throughout the website which is why content is so important for all websites, regardless of how big or small.

3. What do you consider quality content?

Quality content is not only informational, but also provides site visitors a clear understanding of what the website is about, what it offers, and how it can help users of the website. Quality content doesn’t employ “SEO tricks” to deceive site visitors in an effort to increase ranking. Quality content is basically clean and clear while communicating to visitors what makes your website valuable, unique, or engaging. We want our clients’ website to stand out from their competitors.

4. Can you implement some quick fixes on my site?

No, we can’t. MDG    knows that quick fixes don’t work, and when detected by search engines, can actually harm your website’s ranking.

5. Who will be doing the SEO on my website?

Our team collaborates on SEO to determine the best strategy for each client. Once we’ve determined the best SEO strategy for your website or business, we give our clients the direct phone number and email address for the person on our team that will be working on the SEO for your website.

6. What’s your general SEO strategy?

Generally speaking, MDG    consults with our clients to find out what they think are the most important objectives for their website. We ask our clients how they want to differentiate themselves from their competition. Based on all of the information we get from our clients, MDG    puts together a marketing strategy specifically designed to help them reach their goals while providing value to visitors.

7. Can you give examples of your work and share some success stories?

Absolutely, we’d love to! Just let us know that you’d like to talk about SEO and we’ll be happy to share more of what we’ve done, how we went about it, and how it made a difference for our clients.

8. What kind of results do you expect to see, and in what timeframe?

MDG    SEO strategies consistently yield results for our clients. Having said that, it takes time. When you’re doing SEO the right way, it doesn’t happen overnight. While each case is different because each of our clients’ SEO strategy is different, we are up front about giving  our clients an estimate on how long it may take to see results.

9. What’s the fastest way to get my site prominent search engine placement?

The fastest way to get your website higher placement, is to start SEO now,and give it the attention it deserves.

10. Will you share with me how you will work on my site, and provide information about your recommendations and the reasoning behind them?

Absolutely. Everything MDG    plans for your website will be researched with all findings and recommendations passed over to our clients. Based on your specific needs, we will outline an SEO plan that’s tailored to give you the results you’re looking for. We provide reports, details on all of the work planned, exactly what was done, and why. We generate and review reports monthly that help to guide what work is most needed. If you have questions or if your website is taking another direction, just let us know and we will adjust our SEO plan accordingly. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way.

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